ESA Existing Claim

If you have an ESA Existing Claim and once you have applied and submitted your ESA Claim by completing the relevant documentation you can call the ESA Contact Number 0843 515 9427 for updates and status reports.

Average number of days between claim start date and assessment date for ESA claims started in November 2013 (information published by April 2015)

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) = 225 Average Days

Incapacity Benefit Reassessment (IBR) = 152 Avaergae Days

Source: Department for Work and Pensions and ATOS Healthcare.

As of January 2013 people who wish to make a claim for ESA will have to complete the ESA50 limited capability for work questionnaire. The document above will ask questions regarding the claimant’s physical and mental health conditions and how they affect everyday activities.

The processing period for a claim can vary dependent on paperwork, change of circumstance or claim type, most claims are dealt with and processed within a 6-10 week period.

Please find below a list and links to the forms need to process any claim

ESA1 Form – Click Here to Download
ESA50 Form – Click Here to Download

If you are not able to print a copy of any of the documents they are all available at your local Job Centre Plus Branch. To collect, or you can call Job Centre Plus on 0843 515 9429 and request for the documentation to be sent out to your home.

esa contact number

A support agent will gladly discuss your case with you at any time, by simply calling the ESA Contact Number on 0843 515 9427  you can discuss your case and keep up to date with the progress.

Reporting Changes in Personal Circumstances

When claiming any benefit, it is crucial that any changes in your personal circumstances are reported as quickly as possible. Alterations in your circumstances may be, for example, a change in your income or a difference in your work pattern. You can call the relevant department via the ESA Contact Number 0843 515 9427 – lines are open from 8am until 6pm on a Monday to Friday. Please note that you will need your National Insurance number to hand when making your call.

Writing to the Jobcentre Plus

If responding to any of the ESA letters you have been sent, please note that the postal address to write to can be found in relevant written correspondence you have received. Alternatively, to find details of your nearest Jobcentre Plus click here.

 Experienced an ESA Sanction?

If you are already in receipt of your ESA award but have recently experienced a sanction (reduction) in your benefit, this may be due to numerous reasons, for instance:

  • You have missed a work/benefit related interview
  • You have failed to complete a work-related task set by your adviser

It is important to speak to your designated adviser as soon as possible, especially of you have a good reason for missing an allocated appointment or task. Please note that any reductions can continue for up to 4 weeks after any new decision is made.

Can I appeal against the sanction?

Yes, you can certainly ask for your case to be looked at again. The first step is a process called, ‘mandatory reconsideration’ – this must be within one month of the sanction being made. If the deadline has already passed, it is essential that you call the telephone number on your sanction letter prior to requesting any form of appeal.

What To Do When Requesting a mandatory reconsideration

A mandatory reconsideration requires you to write to the department that issued the decision, explaining why you thought the outcome was wrong. It is important to include any evidence you think may support your case. You will find the postal address for your written correspondence on the actual ESA sanction letter.

In response, a written statement will feature details of if and why your decision has been changed.

What happens if you are not happy with the mandatory reconsideration outcome?

Dissatisfaction with a mandatory reconsideration can occur and thankfully there is another option available which is to ‘appeal to a tribunal’.  Any such appeal as this must be within one month of the mandatory reconsideration outcome. To begin an appeal to a tribunal, you will need an SSCS1A form.

Options if your ESA is stopped

Unfortunately, there are times when mandatory reconsideration or an appeal to a tribunal are not successful. If you have experienced this, you may like to find out more about a possible, ‘hardship payment’. Your local Jobcentre Plus is responsible for any potential hardship payments – their typical hours of opening are from 8am-6pm on a Monday to Friday.

ESA Existing Claims – FAQs

Q. When do I receive my payments on Bank Holidays?

A. Bank Holiday payments are usually paid into your allocated account on the last working day before the holiday.

Q. Can I apply for a repeat ESA claim?

A. There is typically two main valid reason for those wishing to apply for a repeat ESA claim, and that is when a current health condition has worsened, or you have been diagnosed with a new condition.

Q. I claim ESA, however, I’m about to begin permitted work – what do I need to do?

A. It is important to inform the ESA about your work intentions. Please note that you will need a PW1 form from the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions).

Q. Will Universal Credit affect my ESA Claim?

A. As you may know, Universal Credit is not yet operational in all areas of the UK ? However, when it does become active in your area, you will not usually be eligible for income-related ESA  if you receive Universal Credit. Please note that awards will vary, depending on which ESA element you typically receive.

Q. My circumstances have changed, and I’m now unsure about ESA eligibility. Can I see if I still qualify?

A.  One quick way to check is to use the online benefits calculator, alternatively why not call the ESA to discuss your situation on a one-to-one basis?

Call The ESA Contact Number – 0843 515 9427

0843 515 9427

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