Open consultation: Draft National Employment Savings Trust (Amendment) Order 2018

The proposed changes will:

  • allow participating employers to contractually enrol their employees in the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) pension scheme
  • clarify that individuals may join NEST in the event of a ‘bulk transfer with consent’ and require that any amount must be applied to a member’s account as a result of a bulk transfer
  • give NEST Corporation the ability to close members’ pension accounts that have zero funds if certain conditions are met
  • require NEST Corporation to carry out research with scheme members and participating employers and their representatives, in connection with the operation, development or amendment of the scheme

We would particularly welcome responses from:

  • employers and representative organisations
  • legal advisers
  • pensions industry bodies and professionals
  • trustees and scheme managers
  • other interested stakeholder groups

Source: Latest Benefits News

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